Guide: How to Send PSD Files Via WhatsApp Easily and Quickly

Are you wondering how to send PSD files on WhatsApp? Look no further. In this guide, we will show you a simple and efficient method to send your Photoshop files via WhatsApp. Whether you’re using an Android or iPhone device, you’ll be able to share your PSD files hassle-free. Let’s dive in!

how to send psd files via whatsapp

To send PSD files via WhatsApp, we will be using a combination of Dropbox and a third-party app called CloudSend. Don’t worry, the process is straightforward. Follow these steps:

Key Takeaways

  • Sending PSD files on WhatsApp is possible by using Dropbox and CloudSend.
  • Install WhatsApp, Dropbox, and CloudSend apps on your phone.
  • Create a Dropbox account and connect CloudSend to your Dropbox account.
  • Upload the PSD files to Dropbox and obtain the sharing link from CloudSend.
  • Share the link on WhatsApp to send the PSD files.

How to Send Any File on Whatsapp with CloudSend

CloudSend is a powerful third-party app that allows you to send various types of files, including PSD files, on WhatsApp. With its seamless integration with Dropbox, you can easily share your files with friends, colleagues, or clients. To get started, make sure you have a Dropbox account. If you don’t have one, you can easily create a new account for free.

Once you have Dropbox set up, install and launch the CloudSend app on your smartphone. Next, authorize CloudSend to access your Dropbox account. This will enable seamless file sharing between the two platforms. Now, you’re ready to send your PSD files on WhatsApp!

To send a PSD file using CloudSend, simply select the file from your device and choose CloudSend as the sharing option. CloudSend will then upload the file to your Dropbox account and provide you with a link. You can easily share this link on WhatsApp, allowing the recipient to download the PSD file directly from Dropbox. It’s that simple!

Benefits of Using CloudSend Drawbacks of Using CloudSend
  • Seamless integration with Dropbox
  • Easy file sharing on WhatsApp
  • No file size restrictions
  • Requires additional app installation
  • Dependent on internet connection
  • May have compatibility issues on older devices

CloudSend provides a convenient solution for sending PSD files on WhatsApp. By leveraging Dropbox’s robust file management capabilities and CloudSend’s seamless integration, you can easily share your files with anyone, regardless of file size limitations on WhatsApp. It’s a game-changer for designers, freelancers, and professionals who regularly work with large PSD files.

Key Takeaways

  • CloudSend is a third-party app that enables you to send various files, including PSD files, on WhatsApp.
  • It requires a Dropbox account for seamless file sharing.
  • You can easily share the PSD file link via WhatsApp, allowing the recipient to download the file directly from Dropbox.
  • CloudSend offers benefits such as no file size restrictions, easy integration with Dropbox, and straightforward file sharing.
  • However, it is important to note that CloudSend requires additional app installation and may have compatibility issues on older devices.

Sending Large Files on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a popular messaging platform that allows users to easily share various types of files. However, when it comes to sending large files, WhatsApp has limitations in place. This can be a challenge when trying to send design files, such as PSD files, which are often larger in size.

To overcome this limitation and send large files on WhatsApp, there is a workaround that involves using CloudSend and Dropbox. By uploading the PSD files to Dropbox and sharing the link through CloudSend, you can send large design files on WhatsApp without compromising the quality of the files.

This method is particularly useful for sharing PSD files that exceed the file size limit imposed by WhatsApp. Instead of struggling to find alternative methods or compromising the quality of your files, using CloudSend and Dropbox provides a seamless solution for sending large PSD files on WhatsApp.

Advantages Disadvantages
– Allows sending large files – Requires additional apps
– Maintains file quality – Relies on third-party services
– Easy to use – File download required

Table: Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of using CloudSend and Dropbox to send large files on WhatsApp.

Sharing PSD Files via WhatsApp Using Photoshop

If you have Photoshop installed on your computer, you can easily share PSD files on WhatsApp. Simply open the PSD file in Photoshop and go to File > Share. From there, you can choose to share the full-sized PSD file or a smaller version of it. Photoshop also gives you the option to convert the document to JPEG format before sharing, depending on the platform or service you want to share it on. Follow the onscreen instructions to share the PSD file via WhatsApp.

share photoshop files on whatsapp

If you want to retain the quality and layers of the PSD file, sharing the full-sized file would be the best option. However, keep in mind that the file size may be larger, which could potentially exceed the file size limit of WhatsApp. In such cases, it is recommended to choose a smaller version of the PSD file or convert it to JPEG format to reduce the file size.

Sharing PSD files via WhatsApp using Photoshop provides a convenient and straightforward method for designers and creatives to collaborate and share their work. Whether you need to quickly share design concepts, mockups, or finalized PSD files, using Photoshop allows you to maintain the integrity and quality of your designs while easily sending them via WhatsApp.

Potential Issues with Sharing PSD Files on WhatsApp

When it comes to sharing PSD files on WhatsApp, there are a few potential issues that you may encounter. Firstly, WhatsApp has file size restrictions, which means that sending large PSD files directly through the app may not be possible. This can be a limitation if you need to share high-resolution PSD files that exceed the file size limit set by WhatsApp.

Additionally, sharing image files and video files on WhatsApp can result in a reduction in quality. The resolution of the files may be compromised during the sharing process, leading to a loss of detail and clarity. This decrease in quality can be particularly noticeable for design files like PSDs, where precision and fine details are important.

To overcome these potential issues, one workaround is to use a third-party app called CloudSend and file storage service like Dropbox. By uploading the PSD files to Dropbox and sharing the link through CloudSend on WhatsApp, you can bypass the file size restrictions and maintain the quality of your PSD files. This method ensures that the recipient can download the original PSD file without any loss in resolution or quality.

“Sharing large PSD files on WhatsApp can be challenging due to file size limitations. However, with the help of third-party apps like CloudSend and cloud storage services like Dropbox, you can easily send PSD files without compromising their quality.”

It’s worth noting that using CloudSend and Dropbox may add an extra step to the sharing process, as you’ll need to upload the files to the cloud storage before generating a link to share. However, the benefits of being able to send large PSD files while maintaining their quality outweigh this minor inconvenience.

Issue Solution
File size restrictions Use CloudSend and Dropbox to share PSD files via a generated link.
Loss of quality By sharing the file link through CloudSend and Dropbox, the recipient can download the original PSD file without compromising its quality.


In conclusion, sending PSD files via WhatsApp can be made simple and efficient with the help of CloudSend and Dropbox. These methods allow you to share design files on both Android and iPhone devices, overcoming WhatsApp’s file size limitations.

By uploading your PSD files to Dropbox and utilizing CloudSend, you can generate a link that can be easily shared on WhatsApp. This link enables recipients to download the PSD files directly, regardless of their file size.

If you have Photoshop installed on your computer, another option is to share PSD files directly from the software. You can choose to share either the full-sized PSD file or a smaller version, depending on your preference.

However, it’s important to consider potential issues such as file size restrictions and compromised quality when sharing PSD files on WhatsApp. Using CloudSend and Dropbox provides a reliable workaround to overcome these limitations and maintain the quality of your design files.

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