Brother Sublimation Printer Review: Worth the Hype?

Seeking to express yourself with custom designs on various items? We’ve taken a closer look at the Brother Sublimation Printer and it certainly offers possibilities for creative expression. With its compatibility with Artspira, we were able to design and print vivid images on everything from t-shirts to ceramic mugs, showcasing our creativity in full color. It’s a game changer for DIY enthusiasts and crafty professionals alike, enabling us to transform everyday items into personalized masterpieces.

Brother Sublimation Printer

As for usability, the setup was straightforward—just download the Artspira app, create an account, and connect to the printer. We navigated over 100 designs and utilized photos to create standout patterns and images. The printing speed was quick, which means less waiting and more creating. Despite the need for a separate heat press, the overall process from design to transfer was seamless, producing high-quality results even on our first try. Bear in mind, those seeking to avoid tech-setup might find initial steps with the app a tad inconvenient. Plus, while exceptional on polyester or polymer-coated items, this printer is not as versatile with natural fibers, so material choice is key.

Bottom Line

The Brother Sublimation Printer shines in transforming digital artwork into vibrant physical prints. If you’re keen to start your custom sublimation projects, Click here to immerse in vibrant printing with the Brother Sublimation Printer. Whether it’s for a small business or personal use, this printer has the potential to bring your imaginative designs to life.

Overview of the Brother Sublimation Printer

We recently got our hands on the Brother sub printer and found it to be a solid choice for creatives who want to print vibrant designs on various substrates. The machine synergizes well with the Artspira app, allowing us to import, create, or modify designs before printing. In our experience, over 100 designs are accessible through this app, and it’s been especially user-friendly for those new to the craft.

The printer’s ability to handle different DIY projects, from custom t-shirts to home décor, makes it versatile. We’ve noticed that it works optimally with polyester or polymer-coated materials— natural fibers don’t yield the same high-quality results. Its fast printing speeds meant we didn’t have to wait too long to see our designs come to life, which is a plus when working on multiple items.

The included genuine Brother ink cartridges laid down vibrant and saturated colors on our projects with impressive consistency. While requiring a separate purchase of a heat press, the overall setup process was straightforward, and the crisp end results justified the extra step.

However, it’s worth noting that a few users have had issues with paper feed and smudging—a reminder that your mileage might vary depending on usage patterns. Despite that, for us, the compact size, intuitive touch panel, and reliable output make this printer a worthy investment for anyone serious about diving into sublimation printing.

Artspira Compatibility

Recently, we had the chance to test the Brother SP-1 Sublimation Printer’s capabilities with the Artspira mobile application. While the printer itself presents a solid performance in dye-sublimation tasks, the integration with Artspira adds a layer of convenience that both beginners and professionals will appreciate. Unfortunately, our experience wasn’t entirely seamless.

The idea behind Artspira is innovative—it turns your smartphone or tablet into a creative hub, allowing for direct printing from the device. We found that setting up the connection was fairly straightforward, thanks to Brother’s user-friendly interface. The app’s range of features, from adjusting print settings to accessing a library of patterns, is impressive and useful for custom projects.

However, we encountered occasional hiccups in connectivity, which could disrupt the workflow. When the connection was stable, the process was smooth, but we hope future updates will make the experience more reliable. It’s a great concept, but the execution isn’t perfect—yet. In our opinion, Artspira has the potential to revolutionize how we approach sublimation printing if it can be refined for consistency.

DIY Customization Potential

We’ve had a lot of fun exploring the Brother Sublimation Printer’s capacity for DIY customization. The feature that stands out is its compatibility with the Artspira app which provides a smooth transition from digital creations to physical art. We intentionally tested a variety of designs from simple graphics to complex patterns and the process was impressively straightforward. Indeed, fashioning custom readymade clothes is practically seamless with this printer, although a separate heat press is required for the final transfer.

One aspect that needs consideration is the speed. The printer works promptly, allowing us to quicken our project timeline and get to the final product faster. Quite beneficial for those last-minute personalized gift ideas! Overall, the printer certainly upholds the Brother brand’s reputation for quality and reliability, making it a solid pick for those of us looking to imprint our personal touch on fabrics and garments.

Print Speed and Quality

In terms of getting things done quickly, we’ve seen faster printers on the market, but the Brother SP-1’s print speed is suitable for most crafting and small business needs. When producing colorful designs, we found the output to be impressively vibrant and true-to-color, likely due to its dye sublimation technology.

We must admit, there’s a trade-off here; the printer won’t spit out pages as rapidly as some might wish, but where it lacks in speed, it compensates with quality. Our sublimation projects turned out superb, with colors that pop and a professional touch that did not go unnoticed. The results were consistently pleasing across various sublimation paper types.

However, the printer isn’t without its quirks. At times, it required a little coaxing to properly pick up paper, especially when handling larger scales, which might not be ideal for those in a fast-paced production environment. It’s also worth mentioning that the setup is remarkably straightforward, which saved us some hassle.

On balance, this printer is a solid contender in its price range, particularly for those looking for quality over speed. It’s a good fit for anyone starting with sublimation printing, or for small businesses focusing on quality custom products.

Brother Reliability

In our time with the Brother Sublimation Printer, we’ve found it to hit the mark in terms of consistency and performance. Users have often cited the vibrant color output and quality of the prints, which clearly aligns with our own findings. When we used it for various sublimation projects, the colors transferred exceptionally well, retaining their vibrancy on different substrates.

That said, not every experience was without a hiccup. We noticed some users encountered issues with paper feeding and smudging, but this was not a universal problem. Fortunately, these seem isolated rather than systemic, as the majority of feedback acknowledges the printer’s solid performance, particularly for newcomers to sublimation.

Ease of setup is another strong suit we noticed, with the printer integrating into craft spaces comfortably without a steep learning curve. Although ink cost is always a consideration, we found that compared to some alternatives, the ink for this model doesn’t break the bank.

In balance, the Brother Sublimation Printer presents as a reliable option overall. Our recommendation? It’s well-suited for those starting in sublimation as well as for seasoned pros looking for a dependable workhorse.

Pros and Cons


  • Ease of Setup and Use: We found the setup process easy, with the Artspira app enabling a smooth connection and design transfer.
  • Creative Flexibility: Access to a variety of designs and the ability to convert images into poster-style graphics enhances creative options.
  • DIY Capabilities: This printer simplifies the DIY process for custom clothing and crafts, although a separate heat press is required.
  • Print Speed: The printer operates efficiently, meaning less waiting time from design to finished product.
  • Quality Impressions: Our use resulted in vivid colors and clear images that transferred well to different materials.


  • App Dependence: You need the Artspira app for the full range of features, which might not appeal to everyone.
  • Additional Purchases: A heat press is necessary for sublimation, which is an added expense beyond the printer itself.
  • Limited Reviews: With only a handful of reviews, long-term reliability and performance are still somewhat uncertain.
  • Paper Handling: There seem to be some issues with paper pickup and smudging, which could be frustrating during larger projects.
  • Ink Cost Consideration: While ink is not as expensive as some other brands, ongoing costs should be factored into the budget.

It’s clear from our time with the Brother Sublimation Printer that it has the potential to be a solid choice for crafters and DIY enthusiasts looking for a reliable printer with a focus on sublimation projects. However, considerations regarding additional purchases and app reliance must be weighed against the creative freedom and print quality it offers.


In our time with the Brother Sublimation Printer, we’ve discovered it to be an inviting addition to our crafting arsenal. Its output in sublimation projects has been impressive, particularly with vivid colors and well-applied designs, proving itself as a reliable tool for beginners and experienced users alike. Although the journey wasn’t without hiccups—a few smudges here and a paper feed issue there—the easy setup and reasonable ink costs provided a counterbalance to the occasional frustrations. Our experiences align well with its 4.3-star rating, indicating a generally positive reception from the community. Sure, larger-scale printing might require some manual assistance, but for those dedicated to crafting and sublimation, this Brother model has the potential to be a worthy investment. While it may not be flawless, this machine’s performance in our projects has been largely positive, cementing its place in our creative workflow.

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