Developer API

Add Trust Metrics to Any Photo in Seconds

  • Establish automated criteria for image acceptance.
  • Support faster, more informed reviews.

Photos are more integral to communication than ever before, but the wide availability of easy image editing tools makes them a risky proposition when trust is important. Whether you’re accepting citizen journalism photos for a news site, profile photos for a dating service, insurance claim photos, or even photos of identity documents like licenses and passports, it’s important to know what’s real and what’s manipulated.

Izitru’s cloud-based API applies advanced forensic tests to any JPEG file in seconds. You receive an easy-to understand trust rating for every image, along with detailed results from izitru’s six forensic tests and a collection of useful data that can inform subsequent analysis and classification. Use the results to drive automated logic to accept or reject images in your application or content management system. Or simply save the data for later use.

Izitru offers a RESTful API, with all results returned in standard JSON format. Files can be sent securely, and uploaded images are not available through the public-facing izitru website. An experienced developer can get up to speed and begin submitting files in minutes. Cost can be as low as pennies per image, and usage of the API during development and testing is free of charge.

Stop taking risks with your photos, and stop wasting time investigating photos that could be proven authentic in seconds. Inquire about izitru’s API today at contact. Describe your usage scenario to us, and we’ll be happy to determine how best to implement our technology to suit your needs.