About Us

izitru was created by the folks at Fourandsix Technologies Inc., recognized experts in the field of image analysis and forensics. Co-founder Hany Farid, Ph.D. has spent well over a decade developing mathematical and computational techniques for detecting image manipulation. His partner and co-founder Kevin Connor developed a deep understanding of image editing from his 15 years of guiding the Photoshop product line at Adobe.

At Fourandsix, we initially focused our efforts on developing tools for forensics experts. With izitru, we're attacking the problem of photo authentication from a different angle. Here we allow anyone who captures a photo to certify the original before they make any modifications or begin sharing it. By starting with the original, we have a richer set of data to work with, and we can apply more automated techniques to the analysis.

Of course, automated tests can never quite match the judgment of a trained expert with an expanded toolbox of forensic techniques, so we've included a "Challenge" procedure that can bring some of the more controversial images to our attention. Though we can't analyze every one personally, our goal is to apply our expertise where it can be most useful, while also identifying ways to continually improve the automated testing.

With affordable access to increasingly powerful image editing tools, distrust of photos is at an all-time high. At izitru, our mission is to restore the persuasive power of photography by eliminating doubt.

Got more questions? You can reach us at contact, or @izitrue on Twitter.